Nature and environmental protection bonus

By subscribing to our service you automatically support nature and environmental protection. How that works? Totally easy! We reinvest the margin of the sales of the bin bags directly into the sensibilisation and education of the youth about the very important topic of waste. To ensure a professional implementation we collaborate with the foundation Pusch. For centuries the NGO has been actively and successfully engaged for a better waste management which is gentle on natural resources. So that we all and future generations can profit from a naturally intact environment.

Practical environmental protection

The foundation Pusch is a non profit organisation. The NGO’s goal is to plead for a clean environment, the sustainable use of natural resources and the (re)creation of diverse and speciesrich habitats. Pusch motivates and supports communities, schools and companies with practical knowledge and concrete action aids in their engagement for nature and the environment. For more than 20 years Pusch has been committed to clean waste management, to meaningful and successful recycling management and to the avoidance of waste. Currently with the campaign «SAVE FOOD, FIGHT WASTE.» and with the promotion of the closed loop recycling management and also since beginning with the sensibilisation and empowerment of children, teen agers and adults on these important topics.

Project grand

Pusch offers teachers of the elementary schools environmental classes and teaching materials which raise the awareness of students concerning a gentle behavior on resources and motivate them on becoming active in this matter. With the Binbag subscription you actively support children and Teenagers in the context of project weeks to develop and start their own environmental projects, to look into and engage themselves for an environmentally responsible behaviour:

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