Firstly some tips

Less is more!

The more rolls you get per delivery, the lower your subscription cost.

Shared joy is double the joy!

If you have friends or family members who live in the same house or community, order one subscription and simply share the costs.

Small gifts nourish friendships!

Give the gift of a Binbag subscription. Thanks to our nature protection efforts, everybody wins.

The margin flows into sustainability projects

With your Binbag subscription you pay a little amount and we remember to buy the bin bags for you. We reinvest the margins on the bags which are usually gained by retailers directly into projects which sensitize the society concerning the important topic of waste. F.e. on how to minimize waste and renewable energies. HERE you will get the latest news on the projects we are supporting. This is our collective effort and commitment to reach the climate target 2030.

About us

Diagnose: “bin bag forgetfulness” - and the best “remedy”

Did you get home and realize you’ve forgotten to buy bin bags yet again!?! You had the best intentions of purchasing bin bags on your weekly shopping trip but you’ve forgotten them again! How frustrating!

I want to remember!

I order now!

Birth of an idea

The founder of Binbag, Patrick Salama, tells exactly such a story. Patrick, who had temporarily relocated close by for the job, realized opening hours of the only grocery store in town weren’t compatible with his working hours. “Why isn’t it possible to order bin bags of any community online?” he wonders. The idea of “Binbag” was born.

The solution: a binbag subscription

We’re here to help solve your problem of forgetting to buy bin bags. A few clicks and you’ll receive bin bags regularly by mail. You won’t need to remember to buy bin bags ever again!

Why we connect bin bags and environmental concerns

During our extensive research about waste in Switzerland, we have discovered that Switzerland is a global leading pioneer in recycling. Unfortunately, Switzerland is also a large producer of waste. At Binbag, we want to create a solution to minimize waste. We reinvest profit margins on bags which are usually gained by retailers and support projects that protect nature and educate people on the important topic of waste.